Saturday, 1 May 2010

Tom Daley & Kate Moss by Bruce Weber

Here's just another part of that Bruce Weber photo editorial titled London In Love which features Harry Goodwins and a host of other well known models. But this particular segment features top model Kate Moss as well as our very own national treasure and Olympic Diver Tom Daley who finally turns 16 this month.
Tom is certainly starting to beef up these days, but what we'd like to know is how does he maintain that deep dark Spanish tan throughout our winters. The pictures by Bruce Weber were published in Vogue Italia in March. These original photo scans were made by Diciasette.
The video of the London shoot can be seen in the sidebar. It also features the unmistakable jazz sounds of Chet Baker singing Lets Get Lost.


  1. That does look like a fun shoot , has a bit of a fifties vibe going on .

  2. And strangely not mentioned over here much. Maybe it would have got about if it was in UK Vogue. But yes definitely a fifties B movie vibe going on there.